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Spreading the ‘collaboration contagion’ will cure ‘silo syndrome’, says Jo Webber

In the new jigsaw which is rapidly becoming the 21st century NHS, a whole range of issues culminate in one operational headache, the inexorable rise in demand, which is being felt across the system. From primary care, through to ambulance and community providers and into the emergency department, the growth in unscheduled activity seems to … Continue reading

The twittersphere should recognise the brilliant work of NHS managers, says Dean Royles

I love Twitter. It’s a fantastic way of listening to the debate and discussion surrounding the NHS – the financial challenge, the need for service change, the implications of innovation and the everyday experiences of NHS staff and managers. I follow a range of people with different political views, I follow nurses, occupational therapists, physios … Continue reading

A life lived backwards can move NHS forward, says Paddy Cooney

Very early in my career as a social worker, I attended a course on working with children with learning disabilities titled They get all this training but they don’t really know how we feel. What differentiated it from many others was that all the trainers were parents of children with learning disabilities. Two recent events … Continue reading

Success of new NHS architecture hinges on its leaders learning new skills, says Ciarán Devane

Being a manager and leader in the ‘new’ NHS will be different. To work, the views of three parties will need to be reconciled into one plan; that of local authorities on the health of their population; the local clinical community on commissioning for outcomes; and the NHS Commissioning Board on delivering the mandate.  And all … Continue reading

NHS Commissioning Board must ‘walk the walk’ when it comes to local autonomy says Michael Dixon

In fewer than 100 working days, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) will take up their full responsibilities.  The pain of authorisation will largely be over, the new commissioning architecture of the NHS in England mainly in place, and the key frameworks and tools for measurement mostly understood.   CCGs are ready to take up their responsibilities, … Continue reading

I love the NHS, says Dr Johnny Marshall

The fact that the NHS featured as such a central part of the London 2012 Olympic Games should tell us all how much we love the NHS. Over the past two years, it seems to me that the currency attributable to loving the NHS has become increasingly important in British health politics. At times, particularly … Continue reading


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