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Services must evolve and revolve around the changing needs of patients; community services are the key, says Rob Webster

The 21st century NHS faces the biggest challenges of a generation. So why are we still using 20th century approaches to healthcare that ignore patients’ assets and 21st  century technology? Many reasons – financial flows; disjointed IT; and professional hierarchies. But perhaps the biggest barrier is in our culture – one that we must overcome, … Continue reading

Building a culture of compassion is not just about nurses – we all have a role to play, says Lisa Rodrigues

A few days ago, I tweeted about a beautiful letter  and said that NHS staff deserve a more balanced press. I didn’t expect 70 re-tweets, nine favourites, 50 new followers and 40 responses. One said that I was wrong and that NHS care was terrible. A couple said that poor care must be dealt with … Continue reading

Less bureaucracy and more results from clinical trials, urges Glenis Willmott MEP

We all know that clinical trials are essential for finding new drugs and improving current treatments.  But those who work in the field know that running a trial can be expensive and difficult. Sometimes researchers who want to test the effectiveness of a simple thing, such as how daily vitamin D supplements help patients with … Continue reading


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