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The future’s e-mental health, explain mental health leaders

Over the past 20 years, digital technology has truly revolutionised the way we conduct our everyday lives. It’s also meant big changes to how we look after our own health.  NHS Choices, for example, has grown to become the most popular health website in the UK, with more than 19 million visits each month. At … Continue reading

We need to future proof our health and care system, says Paul Burstow MP

In recent months, the media has rightly focused on Dilnot’s proposals for how we reform the way we pay for care. But alongside those reports, the nagging problem of the under-funding of social care more generally has been bubbling away in the background. According to a recent report from London Councils, there will be a … Continue reading

Integration is about patient benefits, not organisational processes, says Don Redding

Last year, when the NHS Confederation asked you, its members, what major changes were required to meet future challenges, the vast majority of you (77 per cent) cited the integration of care – more than any other change. With rapidly decreasing budgets, local authorities and health and wellbeing boards too are acutely aware of the … Continue reading

Why hospitals are doomed. Chris Mimnagh explains.

There is a change going on in the way we think about healthcare. The realisation that we can no longer afford to do what we’ve always done is looming large for all suppliers. Whether it’s expressed as the Nicholson Challenge or described eloquently as Hospitals on the edge, our existing systems have grown up with … Continue reading

Why 2013 is the moment for clinically led service change explains Professor Norman Williams

This year will hold momentous changes for the NHS as the reforms are rolled out – but perhaps the biggest opportunity of all which should be grasped is that of intelligent reshaping of services. It matters for surgeons as much as for managers. Let me explain why. Nelson Mandela has made a huge impact across … Continue reading

Let’s make the new system work for vulnerable children, urges Jo Webber

There is a commonly held view in child protection that no system, however robust, will stop people hurting vulnerable children, but early warning and good preventative services will reduce the risks. It is the basis on which much of the current system has been developed and one accepted by voluntary and statutory agencies alike. Another … Continue reading


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