The NHS Confederation is the membership body for the full range of organisations that commission and provide NHS services. We are the only body to bring together and speak on behalf of the whole NHS. We have offices in England, Wales (the Welsh NHS Confederation) and Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland Confederation for Health and Social Care) and provide a subscription service for NHS organisations in Scotland.
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The NHS has to work hard to remain relevant, respected and loved – CSUs can help in many ways, says Andrew Ridley

With more of a whimper than a bang, the new NHS commissioning system came into being a year ago this week. Three years of intense political debate, transition and significant headcount reduction meant a range of geographically-based, integrated commissioners were finally replaced by a host of new organisations – 212 clinical commissioning groups (CCGs), local … Continue reading

Is proactive error reporting in pathology services the shortcut to quality-oriented governance, asks Dr Ian Barnes

Providers who want to stand out ­– or even get by – in the new quality regime will need new tools and approaches to clinical quality. The new acute hospital inspection model makes use of a mixture of intelligent monitoring and announced/unannounced inspections to get to the heart of service quality. The Care Quality Commission … Continue reading

We can’t go on like this – innovate or die, says Jonathon Fagge

Innovation is messy, expensive, and disruptive, and many of the attempts to innovate result in failure. It is an exercise in risk-taking; an investment of time, energy, credibility and money, for an uncertain outcome. For the architect that conceives, the organisation that sponsors, and the people that must adapt, it is an uncomfortable and sometimes … Continue reading

Are people really reaping the rewards of recovery-oriented services, asks Prof Geoff Shepherd

The Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change (ImROC) programme has been running in mental health services in this country since 2010.The programme has been delivered by a partnership between the Centre for Mental Health and the NHS Confederation’s Mental Health Network. It was initially set up with funding from the Department of Health as part of … Continue reading

Time to level the playing field for sickle cell and thalassemia sufferers, says John James

The recent peer review of NHS services for people with haemoglobin disorders (inherited blood diseases that affect how oxygen is carried in the body) highlighted what we always knew about these services: they are far behind the standards of other patient services within the NHS. But what really needs to be done to change this? … Continue reading

Can health and wellbeing boards help fight violence in your community, asks Nicola Rosenberg

Violence is something that affects us all.  For the immediate (although often not visible) victims of violence the negative, potentially devastating, impact is obvious.  But even if not directly affected in this way, we all hear about violence in the news and discuss it at work or over mealtimes, and this impacts on how safe … Continue reading

As NHS Sustainability Day approaches, what can we learn from the trusts who are doing it right, asks Matthew Abbott

An important fixture in any healthcare professional’s diary, NHS Sustainability Day falls on 27 March. In the three years the campaign has been running it has managed to increase the amount of debate on sustainable healthcare practices to new levels, inspiring hundreds of NHS Trusts and healthcare providers to examine their own practices. Such has … Continue reading

Are leaders who procrastinate weak or wise, asks Dr Karen Castille

It‘s that time of year when we all frantically scurry to get our UK tax returns in on time. Like countless others, I had to contact Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs office with a last-minute query, but they were inundated with calls and so were unable to deal with my non-urgent query. Frustratingly, I knew … Continue reading

In the depth of winter, there is within the NHS an invincible summer, says Dr Darren Kilroy

When the days are short, and operational fuses often even shorter, our thoughts turn to how best we can sustain our appetites for reform and innovation while grappling with the stark issues of the week, month and quarter before us. We struggle to absorb the revelations from the think-tanks into the pressures of the do-tank. … Continue reading

Can we overcome the challenges, risks and fears of the Better Care Fund, asks Michael O’Higgins

The NHS has promised to do more for patients. It has promised higher quality care and better patient experience; to put patients front and centre of everything it does; to do its best, being open and honest at all times. It seems obvious to me that the premise of integrated care – to deliver care … Continue reading


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