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Can health and wellbeing boards help fight violence in your community, asks Nicola Rosenberg

Violence is something that affects us all.  For the immediate (although often not visible) victims of violence the negative, potentially devastating, impact is obvious.  But even if not directly affected in this way, we all hear about violence in the news and discuss it at work or over mealtimes, and this impacts on how safe … Continue reading

Can we do more for child health in the NHS? asks Elizabeth Wade

Child health outcomes in the UK are not as good as they could be, starkly apparent when compared to our European counterparts. Concern about this situation – and a strong desire to change it – led bodies from across the health sector to develop and sign up to a pledge to improve health outcomes for … Continue reading

What are community services? asks Michael Scott

It is widely accepted that community services have a vital role to play in the future of the NHS. Barely a day goes by without some new piece of rhetoric declaring them to be ‘the only way forward’ and ‘the light at the end of a dark heath service tunnel’; acute services to be doomed. … Continue reading

Primary care can make a powerful contribution to system-wide challenges, says Dr Nav Chana

When we were enjoying an Indian Summer earlier this month I was struck by how complex and wicked problems have attracted reductive and simplistic solutions. Take the emergency care ‘crisis’ facing A&E departments, where the automatic response has been to cast blame on many things, including the quality of general practice, the GP contract and … Continue reading

We’re finally hearing how vital it is to listen to patients, says Dr Katherine Rake OBE

The importance of listening to patients has now emerged as a key recommendation from a series of reports. In fact, you would struggle to find an issue on which there is more heartfelt agreement. The Keogh Review found that its focus groups with patients and staff were “the single most powerful aspect of the review … Continue reading

Why is integrating care so hard? Paul Corrigan talks specialists, supply chains, service users and the Shard

It’s quite right that many discussions aimed at improving patient care and service user experience concentrate on how to better integrate care. The experience of fragmented care that patients and users of services have is well documented, and we can see that this disjointed experience is getting worse with the appointment of every new specialist … Continue reading

Effective partnership is key to improving services for local people, says Steven Michael

How to change when all around is changing? Like all health and social care organisations, at South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, we are transforming our services to ensure they meet clinical need, service user expectations and are affordable today and in the future. This, more than ever before, means real change – a … Continue reading

Social care funding cap – panacea or placebo? Carolyn Downs explains why it’s more of one than the other

The Government has taken a significant step in committing to reform adult social care funding, alongside the wider reforms contained within the Draft Care and Support Bill. This will make the system simpler and clearer and improve the individual’s experience of care and support. While no one would deny that we’re now moving in the … Continue reading

Disruptive innovation is the pill to remedy care for older people, says Ian Philp

Delivering care for older people is a challenge which most health and care communities have failed to meet. In Warwickshire, we have had some success in delivering better and more sustainable care for older people across hospital and community settings. We have reduced mortality rates, acute hospital bed use, readmissions and the need for long-term … Continue reading

We need to future proof our health and care system, says Paul Burstow MP

In recent months, the media has rightly focused on Dilnot’s proposals for how we reform the way we pay for care. But alongside those reports, the nagging problem of the under-funding of social care more generally has been bubbling away in the background. According to a recent report from London Councils, there will be a … Continue reading


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