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Less rhetoric, more action – the people of Wales need us to push through change, says Helen Birtwhistle

“The NHS must change or die by 2020.” The stark statement is from the Bevan Commission, a group set up by the Welsh health minister to provide independent scrutiny and analysis of the Welsh health service. It is this statement that provided the inspiration for a paper published today (16 January) by the Welsh NHS … Continue reading

Tough decisions needed on NHS pay says Dean Royles

It is the same every year. The annual planning cycle means that each September, we submit our written evidence to the NHS Pay review bodies – independent bodies that recommend pay awards for NHS staff. They will decide in spring 2014 whether or not to accept our recommendations. The review body asked us for evidence … Continue reading

Mind the cost and feel the quality, says Tony Whitfield

Costing has a key role to play in the drive for higher quality services for patients. Costing is not – or at least should not be confined to the finance department. It is not an activity done solely to meet central demands for information about productivity and costs. Nor is it just to inform tariff … Continue reading

Maternity services need to take stock of the Francis report too, says Sheena Byrom

As a midwife, I was interested to learn that the impact of the negative culture and poor standards at Mid Staffs extended to the maternity service. Highlighting the woeful prioritising of cost over care, the report brought to mind the marvels and frustrations I’ve encountered during the course of my 35 years working in the … Continue reading

Nurses aren’t ‘just a pair of hands’, but expert leaders in a patient’s journey, says Dr Peter Carter

The nursing profession is facing exceptionally difficult times. Deep cuts to frontline services, continued attacks on terms and conditions and an unrelenting degree of media scrutiny are all taking their toll on the profession. There is also, of course, the publication of the seminal Francis report, which gives nursing – and indeed anyone working in … Continue reading

Social care funding cap – panacea or placebo? Carolyn Downs explains why it’s more of one than the other

The Government has taken a significant step in committing to reform adult social care funding, alongside the wider reforms contained within the Draft Care and Support Bill. This will make the system simpler and clearer and improve the individual’s experience of care and support. While no one would deny that we’re now moving in the … Continue reading

Why hospitals are doomed. Chris Mimnagh explains.

There is a change going on in the way we think about healthcare. The realisation that we can no longer afford to do what we’ve always done is looming large for all suppliers. Whether it’s expressed as the Nicholson Challenge or described eloquently as Hospitals on the edge, our existing systems have grown up with … Continue reading

Lets help our struggling hospitals face their problems says Mike Farrar

Hospitals in financial trouble need assistance not castigation from politicians and a proper dialogue with the communities they serve, says NHS Confederation chief executive Mike Farrar. Financial pressures are mounting on the NHS and a growing number of hospital trusts are finding themselves pushed towards a cliff edge. The NHS budget is flat when other … Continue reading

Hospitals must speak with a louder voice, says Dr Mark Newbold

Much has changed in the hospital sector in recent years. Hospitals are more open in the way they do business, regulation has increased significantly, access times have fallen dramatically, infrastructure has improved, patient satisfaction has increased, and we have become steadily busier. There has been a relentless rise in activity, which until recently has been … Continue reading


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