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Can health and wellbeing boards help fight violence in your community, asks Nicola Rosenberg

Violence is something that affects us all.  For the immediate (although often not visible) victims of violence the negative, potentially devastating, impact is obvious.  But even if not directly affected in this way, we all hear about violence in the news and discuss it at work or over mealtimes, and this impacts on how safe … Continue reading

Can we overcome the challenges, risks and fears of the Better Care Fund, asks Michael O’Higgins

The NHS has promised to do more for patients. It has promised higher quality care and better patient experience; to put patients front and centre of everything it does; to do its best, being open and honest at all times. It seems obvious to me that the premise of integrated care – to deliver care … Continue reading

Primary care: our salvation and talisman, says Dr Charles Alessi

News that the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) is now an integral part of the NHS Confederation hit the headlines in late November 2013. What is the NAPC and what does it stand for? The NAPC was born out of fund holding and was originally set up as a member organisation to represent fund … Continue reading

Less rhetoric, more action – the people of Wales need us to push through change, says Helen Birtwhistle

“The NHS must change or die by 2020.” The stark statement is from the Bevan Commission, a group set up by the Welsh health minister to provide independent scrutiny and analysis of the Welsh health service. It is this statement that provided the inspiration for a paper published today (16 January) by the Welsh NHS … Continue reading

Can we do more for child health in the NHS? asks Elizabeth Wade

Child health outcomes in the UK are not as good as they could be, starkly apparent when compared to our European counterparts. Concern about this situation – and a strong desire to change it – led bodies from across the health sector to develop and sign up to a pledge to improve health outcomes for … Continue reading

Technology is key to unlocking the full value of NHS data for patients, argues Simon Pleydell

For many people bureaucracy is a dirty word. It speaks of needless box-ticking exercises and pointless form filling. While that can be the case, the NHS Confederation’s recent report, Challenging bureaucracy, commissioned by the Secretary of State for Health, points out that bureaucracy, which includes recording, collecting and reporting information, is an essential part of … Continue reading

Older people deserve purposeful change, not well-meaning words, says Dianne Jeffrey CBE

I have always been clear that dignity and compassion must be at the heart of our health and care system. This is why the Commission on Improving Dignity in Care for Older People (made up of the NHS Confederation, Age UK and the Local Government Association), which I co-chaired, put forward a raft of recommendations … Continue reading

If care planning is so good, why aren’t more people doing it? asks Jeremy Taylor

“I’ve been a doctor for ten years and I have no idea what a care plan is or looks like.” This refreshingly honest admission, heard at a recent conference, perfectly illustrates the continuing gap between rhetoric and reality when it comes to person-centred care. National Voices is working to narrow that gap. Policy makers, progressive … Continue reading

It’s time to take healthcare IT out of the shadows, says Ian Dalton

The NHS is at a key point in its history:  a £30 billion challenge; a focus on the quality of care; and ever rising demand have set the scene for the next five critical years. In this environment, the success or failure of the NHS will depend on making not incremental change, but fundamental change … Continue reading

Maternity services need to take stock of the Francis report too, says Sheena Byrom

As a midwife, I was interested to learn that the impact of the negative culture and poor standards at Mid Staffs extended to the maternity service. Highlighting the woeful prioritising of cost over care, the report brought to mind the marvels and frustrations I’ve encountered during the course of my 35 years working in the … Continue reading


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