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Treating people with compassion is a by-product of organisational cohesiveness, says Angela McNab

Am I the only NHS chief executive who goes cold in response to the daily directive to “build a culture of compassion in the NHS”? Don’t misunderstand me; it’s not the belief that compassion should be at the heart of healthcare that I disagree with, although I do struggle with the presumption that the majority … Continue reading

Small actions speak volumes to patients and help put them at the centre of care, says David Worskett

Why is it so hard to put patients at the centre of care? Despite the very best intentions of so many professional and dedicated staff, in the tug-of-war between system and patient, the system so often wins. Part of the problem is that patients are at their most vulnerable when they are ill – frightened … Continue reading

The Francis report mustn’t be neglected, says Michelle Mitchell

The pace of the news cycle may already have made the Francis report feel like yesterday’s news or a flash in the pan. But nothing could be further from the truth. We know that the issues of poor, undignified care and neglect that prompted the report are the cause for sober reflection among many people … Continue reading

Compassion is what’s common in our NHS, not cruelty, says Lisa Rodrigues

Back in 1973 at The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, no-one talked about compassion. You were either a good student nurse or a bad one. Or, as in my case, one with plenty of room for improvement. It was a Saturday lunchtime, and I was in handover on the infectious ward. I was allocated … Continue reading

Maternity services need to take stock of the Francis report too, says Sheena Byrom

As a midwife, I was interested to learn that the impact of the negative culture and poor standards at Mid Staffs extended to the maternity service. Highlighting the woeful prioritising of cost over care, the report brought to mind the marvels and frustrations I’ve encountered during the course of my 35 years working in the … Continue reading

Building a culture of compassion is not just about nurses – we all have a role to play, says Lisa Rodrigues

A few days ago, I tweeted about a beautiful letter  and said that NHS staff deserve a more balanced press. I didn’t expect 70 re-tweets, nine favourites, 50 new followers and 40 responses. One said that I was wrong and that NHS care was terrible. A couple said that poor care must be dealt with … Continue reading


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