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Older people deserve purposeful change, not well-meaning words, says Dianne Jeffrey CBE

I have always been clear that dignity and compassion must be at the heart of our health and care system. This is why the Commission on Improving Dignity in Care for Older People (made up of the NHS Confederation, Age UK and the Local Government Association), which I co-chaired, put forward a raft of recommendations … Continue reading

Maternity services need to take stock of the Francis report too, says Sheena Byrom

As a midwife, I was interested to learn that the impact of the negative culture and poor standards at Mid Staffs extended to the maternity service. Highlighting the woeful prioritising of cost over care, the report brought to mind the marvels and frustrations I’ve encountered during the course of my 35 years working in the … Continue reading

Building a culture of compassion is not just about nurses – we all have a role to play, says Lisa Rodrigues

A few days ago, I tweeted about a beautiful letter  and said that NHS staff deserve a more balanced press. I didn’t expect 70 re-tweets, nine favourites, 50 new followers and 40 responses. One said that I was wrong and that NHS care was terrible. A couple said that poor care must be dealt with … Continue reading

A life lived backwards can move NHS forward, says Paddy Cooney

Very early in my career as a social worker, I attended a course on working with children with learning disabilities titled They get all this training but they don’t really know how we feel. What differentiated it from many others was that all the trainers were parents of children with learning disabilities. Two recent events … Continue reading


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