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Less rhetoric, more action – the people of Wales need us to push through change, says Helen Birtwhistle

“The NHS must change or die by 2020.” The stark statement is from the Bevan Commission, a group set up by the Welsh health minister to provide independent scrutiny and analysis of the Welsh health service. It is this statement that provided the inspiration for a paper published today (16 January) by the Welsh NHS … Continue reading

More money isn’t enough – only change across the whole NHS will tackle A&E pressures, says Mike Farrar

On Sunday 8th September the NHS Confederation will publish a report that provides a snapshot of the pressures facing NHS organisations in urgent and emergency care. The report is based on the latest national statistics and the results of one of the biggest member surveys we’ve ever carried out. The huge response to our survey … Continue reading

Maternity services need to take stock of the Francis report too, says Sheena Byrom

As a midwife, I was interested to learn that the impact of the negative culture and poor standards at Mid Staffs extended to the maternity service. Highlighting the woeful prioritising of cost over care, the report brought to mind the marvels and frustrations I’ve encountered during the course of my 35 years working in the … Continue reading

Hospitals must speak with a louder voice, says Dr Mark Newbold

Much has changed in the hospital sector in recent years. Hospitals are more open in the way they do business, regulation has increased significantly, access times have fallen dramatically, infrastructure has improved, patient satisfaction has increased, and we have become steadily busier. There has been a relentless rise in activity, which until recently has been … Continue reading


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