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Can we overcome the challenges, risks and fears of the Better Care Fund, asks Michael O’Higgins

The NHS has promised to do more for patients. It has promised higher quality care and better patient experience; to put patients front and centre of everything it does; to do its best, being open and honest at all times. It seems obvious to me that the premise of integrated care – to deliver care … Continue reading

Less rhetoric, more action – the people of Wales need us to push through change, says Helen Birtwhistle

“The NHS must change or die by 2020.” The stark statement is from the Bevan Commission, a group set up by the Welsh health minister to provide independent scrutiny and analysis of the Welsh health service. It is this statement that provided the inspiration for a paper published today (16 January) by the Welsh NHS … Continue reading

Four decades, numerous configurations, one aim: parity of esteem. Are we there yet? asks Stephen Dalton

I think I must be getting on a bit. I seem to be increasingly relying on cultural references to recall when and where I was, and what was happening at that moment in time. Is it any wonder, then, that my reflections on the struggle for parity of esteem takes us from the Punk days … Continue reading

What are community services? asks Michael Scott

It is widely accepted that community services have a vital role to play in the future of the NHS. Barely a day goes by without some new piece of rhetoric declaring them to be ‘the only way forward’ and ‘the light at the end of a dark heath service tunnel’; acute services to be doomed. … Continue reading

Why is integrating care so hard? Paul Corrigan talks specialists, supply chains, service users and the Shard

It’s quite right that many discussions aimed at improving patient care and service user experience concentrate on how to better integrate care. The experience of fragmented care that patients and users of services have is well documented, and we can see that this disjointed experience is getting worse with the appointment of every new specialist … Continue reading

Integration is about patient benefits, not organisational processes, says Don Redding

Last year, when the NHS Confederation asked you, its members, what major changes were required to meet future challenges, the vast majority of you (77 per cent) cited the integration of care – more than any other change. With rapidly decreasing budgets, local authorities and health and wellbeing boards too are acutely aware of the … Continue reading

Services must evolve and revolve around the changing needs of patients; community services are the key, says Rob Webster

The 21st century NHS faces the biggest challenges of a generation. So why are we still using 20th century approaches to healthcare that ignore patients’ assets and 21st  century technology? Many reasons – financial flows; disjointed IT; and professional hierarchies. But perhaps the biggest barrier is in our culture – one that we must overcome, … Continue reading


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