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Are leaders who procrastinate weak or wise, asks Dr Karen Castille

It‘s that time of year when we all frantically scurry to get our UK tax returns in on time. Like countless others, I had to contact Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs office with a last-minute query, but they were inundated with calls and so were unable to deal with my non-urgent query. Frustratingly, I knew … Continue reading

Time for NHS boards to balance the books, says Dr Karen Castille

Basic maths tells me a number of things in the NHS don’t add up: our workforce is overwhelmingly female – around 80 per cent are women – but as you climb up the career ladder, the male-female ratio starts to drop and proportions level out, skewing to the other extreme. At the top of the … Continue reading

Sir David Nicholson sets out seven steps to ‘cultural heaven’

After what feels like ten years of the NHS and those with an interest in the NHS obsessing about structures and systems, culture is starting to get the profile it deserves. In fact, it is hard to read anything about the NHS these days without culture getting a mention. This is how it should be. But to … Continue reading

Should hospitals move off ‘the mainframe’ and onto ‘the cloud’? asks Chris Mimnagh

After my first post for NHS Voices predicted that hospitals were doomed, some of the Twitterati described it as “coming from cloud cuckoo land”. Perhaps they were not convinced that commissioners would want something different from acute trusts. However, in his keynote address at the NHS Confederation’s annual conference, Sir David Nicholson suggested it was … Continue reading

More change is required, says Sir Cyril Chantler, with leadership by doctors an ‘ethical imperative’

We are in trouble. A recent report from the Institute of Medicine in the USA showed that while America is the unhealthiest nation in the developed world in terms of life expectancy and amenable mortality, we in the UK are the second worst for preventable death, and the second fattest. This is likely to be … Continue reading

Strong leadership and inclusive engagement are what drive improvements with real impact, says Tricia Hamilton

At times of significant change, strong leadership and engagement are vitally important. I know this first-hand as the chief nurse and clinical director of an organisation going through exceptional and widespread change. At NHS Direct, we are preparing to move from being a national provider of the 0845 46 47 telephone service to the local … Continue reading

Nurses aren’t ‘just a pair of hands’, but expert leaders in a patient’s journey, says Dr Peter Carter

The nursing profession is facing exceptionally difficult times. Deep cuts to frontline services, continued attacks on terms and conditions and an unrelenting degree of media scrutiny are all taking their toll on the profession. There is also, of course, the publication of the seminal Francis report, which gives nursing – and indeed anyone working in … Continue reading

Without trust, we will fall, says Clare Gerada

We find ourselves in testing times. Challenges of all kinds are no stranger to us, tough decisions are our daily portion and tricky waters undoubtedly await us. The Francis report cast a bright spotlight on us all at a dim moment for the NHS. Never has it been more important for those of us in … Continue reading

The twittersphere should recognise the brilliant work of NHS managers, says Dean Royles

I love Twitter. It’s a fantastic way of listening to the debate and discussion surrounding the NHS – the financial challenge, the need for service change, the implications of innovation and the everyday experiences of NHS staff and managers. I follow a range of people with different political views, I follow nurses, occupational therapists, physios … Continue reading

Hospitals must speak with a louder voice, says Dr Mark Newbold

Much has changed in the hospital sector in recent years. Hospitals are more open in the way they do business, regulation has increased significantly, access times have fallen dramatically, infrastructure has improved, patient satisfaction has increased, and we have become steadily busier. There has been a relentless rise in activity, which until recently has been … Continue reading


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