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Tough decisions needed on NHS pay says Dean Royles

It is the same every year. The annual planning cycle means that each September, we submit our written evidence to the NHS Pay review bodies – independent bodies that recommend pay awards for NHS staff. They will decide in spring 2014 whether or not to accept our recommendations. The review body asked us for evidence … Continue reading

Compassion is what’s common in our NHS, not cruelty, says Lisa Rodrigues

Back in 1973 at The Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, no-one talked about compassion. You were either a good student nurse or a bad one. Or, as in my case, one with plenty of room for improvement. It was a Saturday lunchtime, and I was in handover on the infectious ward. I was allocated … Continue reading

Nurses aren’t ‘just a pair of hands’, but expert leaders in a patient’s journey, says Dr Peter Carter

The nursing profession is facing exceptionally difficult times. Deep cuts to frontline services, continued attacks on terms and conditions and an unrelenting degree of media scrutiny are all taking their toll on the profession. There is also, of course, the publication of the seminal Francis report, which gives nursing – and indeed anyone working in … Continue reading

Reconfiguration rhetoric is a difficult political discourse, but no longer can we shy away from the conversation, says Dr Phillip Lee MP

In the wake of the Francis report and Mid-Staffordshire scandals, it has recently come to light that a further 14 trusts are under investigation due to unnecessary deaths and appalling mismanagement. There may be more. It is clear that our current system of healthcare regulation has failed. More importantly, this has meant that the NHS … Continue reading

Building a culture of compassion is not just about nurses – we all have a role to play, says Lisa Rodrigues

A few days ago, I tweeted about a beautiful letter  and said that NHS staff deserve a more balanced press. I didn’t expect 70 re-tweets, nine favourites, 50 new followers and 40 responses. One said that I was wrong and that NHS care was terrible. A couple said that poor care must be dealt with … Continue reading


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