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Why is integrating care so hard? Paul Corrigan talks specialists, supply chains, service users and the Shard

It’s quite right that many discussions aimed at improving patient care and service user experience concentrate on how to better integrate care. The experience of fragmented care that patients and users of services have is well documented, and we can see that this disjointed experience is getting worse with the appointment of every new specialist … Continue reading

Visioning now for victory later – Richard Fowler looks ahead to the NHS in 30 years

“We need a clear vision of the future”. You’ve heard it all before, but did you ever believe in the vision? Was there one you even liked? Here’s my vision. Look ahead, say, 30 years; explore the art of the possible. Traditional boundaries of primary and secondary care have disappeared into an integrated vertical healthcare, … Continue reading

Social care funding cap – panacea or placebo? Carolyn Downs explains why it’s more of one than the other

The Government has taken a significant step in committing to reform adult social care funding, alongside the wider reforms contained within the Draft Care and Support Bill. This will make the system simpler and clearer and improve the individual’s experience of care and support. While no one would deny that we’re now moving in the … Continue reading

Services must evolve and revolve around the changing needs of patients; community services are the key, says Rob Webster

The 21st century NHS faces the biggest challenges of a generation. So why are we still using 20th century approaches to healthcare that ignore patients’ assets and 21st  century technology? Many reasons – financial flows; disjointed IT; and professional hierarchies. But perhaps the biggest barrier is in our culture – one that we must overcome, … Continue reading

NHS Voices is the NHS Confederation’s new blog for NHS leaders

We want it to provide a new space for our members – and leaders from all parts of the healthcare sector – to come together, raise issues, share ideas and debate ways forward. I hope you will find it an informative and honest view of what is happening on the ground in the NHS. If … Continue reading


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