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Primary care can make a powerful contribution to system-wide challenges, says Dr Nav Chana

When we were enjoying an Indian Summer earlier this month I was struck by how complex and wicked problems have attracted reductive and simplistic solutions. Take the emergency care ‘crisis’ facing A&E departments, where the automatic response has been to cast blame on many things, including the quality of general practice, the GP contract and … Continue reading

Strong leadership and inclusive engagement are what drive improvements with real impact, says Tricia Hamilton

At times of significant change, strong leadership and engagement are vitally important. I know this first-hand as the chief nurse and clinical director of an organisation going through exceptional and widespread change. At NHS Direct, we are preparing to move from being a national provider of the 0845 46 47 telephone service to the local … Continue reading

Spreading the ‘collaboration contagion’ will cure ‘silo syndrome’, says Jo Webber

In the new jigsaw which is rapidly becoming the 21st century NHS, a whole range of issues culminate in one operational headache, the inexorable rise in demand, which is being felt across the system. From primary care, through to ambulance and community providers and into the emergency department, the growth in unscheduled activity seems to … Continue reading


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